Personalized Pilates Instruction in Westford MA

LOVE Your Life. Live it to the CORE.

Pilates Pure N Simple offers a breadth and depth of core conditioning that keeps both your mind and body engaged. The complete Pilates system of more than 500 exercises is available in the studio on spring-based apparatus such as the Reformer and Trapeze Table, as well as mat exercises.

Modification is the key to successful Pilates exercise. At Pilates Pure- N- Simple, the focus is on you and your personal fitness goals. Wherever you are now, I can be your guide to the next level. Whether your goal is to improve your general fitness, to improve your posture or balance, to lose weight or inches, or to increase your performance at a particular sport, Pilates Pure-N-Simple offers safe and challenging modifications for success.

Why take Pilates at Pilates Pure N Simple?

At Pilates Pure-N-Simple, I provide a personal, professional approach to inspire and assist each client to a higher level of fitness. I will focus on posture, balance, strength, muscle control, and range of motion, as you learn to engage your core for support. Why do an exercise if you don’t know what muscle you are activating? With the proper control, you won’t need repetition after repetition to get results. You won’t be bored with your workouts! Taking into account each individual’s lifestyle, time and personal preferences, I design a specific program just for you.

In session, I will help you redefine your movement patterns. This corrects the imbalances in your body to support problem areas. Think about it: If you engage in any activity where one area of your body is dominant, you are creating an imbalance and a possible problem.

Daily activities like holding a child, standing with a lean, or sports like golf, baseball, tennis, soccer, figure skating, etc. puts the weight on one side of your body. This results in your pelvis shifting to one side leading to lower back problems that may travel up to the neck. If you play basketball, volleyball and similar sports without the proper form (leaving your shoulders down when you reach up), your shoulders may be compromised. If you are physically disabled, you may be experiencing multiple imbalances that exacerbate your condition. And if you’re in your fifties or older, you likely need support to maintain the level of fitness your body no longer automatically does for you. Your Body is only as healthy as your spine!

In Pilates, your posture, the way you walk, and the way you reach, bend and twist will be assessed and addressed in each progressive session. You will become very aware of your body in every aspect of its physical functioning, while engaging your mind to experience a more holistic workout than you might be familiar with.


Serving Westford, Concord, Carlisle, Littleton, Acton, Harvard, Groton, Chelmsford, Bedford, Lowell and other locations upon request.